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Personalized, unbiased boat recommendations from an independent professional kayaker.  Stories and photos of family adventures, from desert floats to alpine meadows, plus info about the gear to get you there.

Get help choosing the perfect first kayak or advice on which new playboat can throw down the best. Or get dialed in with the right camping gear for that next family adventure.

Freestyle kayaker Dustin Urban has become independent of his sponsors to provide you with the kind of truly unbiased opinions about boats and gear that you just can’t get from retailers, manufacturers or sponsored pros.

Dustin lives on the whitewater park in Buena Vista, Colorado and has been floating down rivers since he first hopped in a tandem Old Town canoe with his Dad Phil at the age of 11. Now with two small kids of his own, Dustin enjoys mellow overnight trips with the family while still remaining competitive on the freestyle scene. In 2012, Dustin won his second FIBArk and placed third at the Teva Mountain Games and the BV Pro Am. In 2011 Dustin won is his 5th Teva Mountain Games in Vail and placed 7th at the Freestyle World Championships in Germany. Dustin was also 2005 World Squirt Boating Champion, 2008 World Cup Bronze Medalist and 2001 Worlds Junior Silver Medalist.

Drop me a line in the discussion area- I would love to help you find the perfect gear for your next adventure. Cheers!