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Dagger Jitsu

The Dagger Jitsu is now available! I’ll be honest, I started paddling Jackson freestyle boats five years ago after I couldn’t stay competitive in the Dagger Agent. But after a long hiatus, it looks like Dagger’s getting back in the freestyle game. Good to see! Dagger athletes like Rush Sturges, Andrew Holcombe and Chris Gragtmans worked closely with designer Mark “Snowy” Robertson on this one, and it’s looking good.

One big sign that the Jitsu is world class is the fact that reigning World Champion, James “Pringle” Bebbington, made the switch to the Jitsu and is now on team Dagger after the release of this boat! Here’s what he has to say about the boat:

“I use Dagger’s new Jitsu kayak that I was involved in the design process of, so it’s pretty much my dream boat. One of the reasons is its slicy ends. It makes it easy to initiate the nose and cut it in to the water whilst keeping a volumous poppy centre that give you that much needed lift to get big air. Having precise but short back end gives you the freedom to play in shallow features without hitting the bottom on the landings and pull stuff though quicker and easier in normal holes.”

Can’t wait to try it and see how it stacks up against competing freestyle designs. First, here’s the teaser to get you fired up:

Dagger Jitsu Promo

Obviously this boat got some solid wave testing- looks like a super fast hull. Recently Rapid Magazine caught up with new Dagger team manager Chris Gragtmans at the Outdoor Retailer show to get some more details on the Jitsu.

Dagger Jitsu at Outdoor Retailer Show

One of the pieces of news that caught my attention most in this video is the new Dagger outfitting. In my opinion, there has been a LOT of room for improvement in kayak outfitting. One of my biggest complaints is that most outfitting systems make moving the seat a real pain. Jackson Kayak has been one of the few manufacturers that have figured out a system for moving the seat which doesn’t require loosening screws with a philips head. Well apparently Dagger has created such a system, and that’s great news. Dagger designer Snowy walks us through the new outfitting system:

Looks really interesting. Of course I’ll have to sit in it to speak to the comfort, but the “leg lifter” feature is a fantastic concept. It also appears that adding foam under the seat cover is easy and effective. These two features, combined with the easy seat adjustment (with 4 inches of travel) could be big advances in freestyle outfitting. We’ll have to wait till November to find out. Stay tuned!

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