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Liquid Logic Remix Review

Thanks to Colorado Kayak Supply for the use of their Remix 69 demo!

Dustin’s Specs: 5’8″, 155 lbs, 30″ inseam, size 9 feet

Liquid Logic Remix 59, 69, 79 ReviewLiquid Logic designed the Remix to be a high-performance displacement hull (round bottomed), great for beginner and instructional boaters as well as intermediates and experts that love the speed and performance of a modern displacement hull. The Remix is a long-ish hull (8’9″ for the 69) which is fast and forgiving. I had fun paddling this boat on a class 3 local run, hitting lots of boofs, carving in and out of eddies and enjoying the boat’s speed. The CKS demo I paddled was brand new, and the combination of silky smooth plastic and polished granite made for some amazing boofs, rock spins and grinds!

1) Fast: I would find myself paddling hard downstream for the next perfect boof, only to look back and realize I’d left my paddling buddies in the dust. The Remix is often used as a race boat, and I can see why. I recently watched boaters like Ben Marr race the Remix on Homestake Creek during the Teva Mountain Games. One big difference I noticed between the Remix and creek boats like the Shiva: when boofing a drop, the Remix would take the downward speed from the drop and accelerate fast over the foam at the bottom, creating a faster line and clearing the drop more quickly. A creek boat with more rocker is going to be easier to boof and keep on the surface, but when it landed a boof, the downward speed dissipated more quickly- the boat would “scoop” up and the racer would clear the drop more slowly.

2) Forgiving Edges: this is no planing hull with abrupt chines. For those in search of stability and learning to edge properly on eddy turns, ferries and peel outs, the chines are soft and forgiving and the boat is stable.

3) Easy to Roll

4) Fun Boofs: The Remix boofed differently from a creek boat like the Stomper, Shiva or Villain in a few ways. The boat feels narrower, and the bow felt much narrower, making  angled rocked boofs more effortless. Regarding the width, the Remix is actually similar in width to say the Shiva or Villain, but I think it felt so narrow because the deck is lower profile and it’s just less bulky than a high volume creek boat. I really liked this narrow feel…Engage the bow rail (around your knee or shin) with a smooth rock for an angled rock boof, and this thing is in its element. Because there’s no sharp chine, and because that section of the boat is narrow, you can easily “roll over” onto the inside edge, allowing you to land on a carving edge and fire into or through the next move.

1) Not Playful: If you want a river runner that will also flatspin green waves or stern squirt easily, the Remix is not your boat. Yes, the length of the hull will allow you to catch more waves and front surf all day, but there are lots of river runners that will also flatspin and surf a green wave like a planing hull (Jackson Zen and Fun Runner, for example).

2) Less Maneuverable: with it’s displacement hull and reduced rocker, this boat is not going to respond as quickly compared to the many shorter designs out there. I haven’t yet played with the seat position, but not surprisingly, seat position in the Remix has a big impact on handling. Whether you love the way the Remix paddles or not is a lot about personal taste. Some people prefer the way that the Remix holds a line, while others might prefer the turn-on-a-dime qualities of a boat with more rocker, like the Jackson Kayak Hero, for example. A Hero on the other hand, is much slower and can more easily get slapped around because of all that rocker. The Remix requires that you anticipate your line in advance and set a trajectory that you plan to carry. But, what you give up in maneuverability, you gain in speed and glide with the Remix.

The Remix lives up to its promise of being a speed demon for all skills and a perfect instructional boat for beginners and intermediates; it is definitely worth considering if you’re shopping your first boat. Think about your personality when picking your first boat- are you an aggressive learner who wants to do some playboating and isn’t afraid to go for it and take some swims? If so, consider a different boat with a planing hull ranging from the Liquid Logic Freeride to the Jackson Kayak Zen or Fun Runner (river runners with better surfing capabilities. You should consider a full- blown playboat like the All Star, Rock Star, Jed or Project X if you are aggresive and care most about playboating).

If you love the speed and handling of a round hulled-boat but want a high-performance modern hull package (rather than a perhaps-outdated used design), check out the Remix. It’s a boat that can take you from beginner right up through class 4 creeking in style. If you’re a beginner looking for a forgiving boat for river running, definitely check out the Remix. Just remember that you won’t be learning to flatspin a green wave in this boat. Have fun!

Liquid Logic Remix Kayak – 59, 69, 79 – $1,095.00
from: Colorado Kayak Supply



4 Responses to “Liquid Logic Remix Review”

  1. Joey
    June 20, 2012 at 3:48 pm #

    Really enjoy your website and independent/informative reviews! Any update on the Stomper review? Keep up the good work.

    • dustinheron
      June 26, 2012 at 3:46 am #

      Hey Joey, thanks for the note. Yes, will get on that stomper review! Stay tuned…

  2. Chris
    September 2, 2013 at 8:41 pm #

    Very informative. I am an intermediate paddler, reaching into CLIII. Do you have any opinion on the features of newer models of Remix vs previous years?

    • robertkuepper
      September 10, 2013 at 9:19 pm #

      Hey Chris, thanks for stopping by. Man I\’m really not sure, I\’ve only paddled the 2012 version. Anyone else out there know?

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