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Winning FIBArk!

Dustin Urban

Photo: Eric Jackson

Yay, winning! I’m thrilled to have won my second FIBArk on Saturday evening (last time in 2010), and it was especially cool to have lots of local friends there to cheer me on! FIBArk featured another ‘techy’ pourover, not unlike the hole at this year’s Teva Mountain Games. And like in Vail, the hole was created a day before prelims after extensive building of rock diversion walls by freestyle competitors hoping to improve the feature.

Friday we ran through prelims and semi finals, cutting from 14 to 10 and 10 to 5. After prelims I sat in 6th and after Semis I moved up to 2nd, with Clay Wright in first after throwing the highest scoring ride so far at 950 points.

Friday night we had a babysitter! So the party was on…. The Motet played the music of the Talking Heads in Salida’s Riverside Park for free, and they had the place rockin! Add to that some brews from New Belgium, and we were all feeling good (I was loving their new ‘Shift’ Pale Lager). After that we headed to the Fritz for some awesome Grateful Dead covers by Salida’s Nesca James Band (I think that was their name). The great vibe at the Fritz made the night for me!

Photo: Eric Jackson

Saturday, those of us on the party train were feeling a bit crusty, but it was so worth it for such a fun night. FIBArk ran all day, and the Hooligan Race drew the masses as usual with plenty of wild antics on display. I hopped in the water for some practice during the Hooligans and had a so-so session.

After my mediocre practice, I went into finals planning a more conservative ride. That went out the window immediately after having a bad first ride and seeing that everyone else seemed to be having no problems hitting their left McNasty and Phonix Monkeys.

Photo: Lee Hart, BrandAmp.com

From there, I decided to just believe. I planned to go for both McNasties and both Phonix Monkeys first, even though I was having trouble hitting them in practice. On my 2nd ride, all 4 of these high scoring moves came together for me, and I went straight into the rest of my ride: Loop, Space Guerilla Left and Right, Orbit Left and Right, cartwheels, splits, and a Tricky Wu after the buzzer. I “left it all on the court” that ride and fortunately posted a 1310, beating Dane’s 1220 and EJ’s 1160. Truly, I was so spent and oxygen deprived after that run… it was all I had, as you can probably tell from this heinous shot of me in The Mountain Mail!

It was another one of those finals where we all raised the bar WAY higher for each other. Until finals none of us had broken 1000! After finals, Clay’s 1130 was only good enough for 4th! I’m happy we were able to put on a great show despite the water and grateful to have come out on top. For a blow by blow of the finals, check out EJ’s FIBArk wrap up.

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